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This player has the basics covered. They can hit forehands and backhands, although placement can sometimes be an issue, and can serve with moderate success. This player may not have any experience competing having spent most of their time rallying and building up their skills.
This player has the ability to mix up their shots and can control points with moderate success. He/she can consistently rally from the baseline on both fore and backhand sides and is confident enough to hit winners even if they don't always pay off.
This player can use spin and power and is comfortable handling pace. He/she can control direction and depth on both the forehand and backhand sides, has some pace on their first serves and a reliable second serve. They have decent footwork and can adapt strategy depending on their opponent. Familiar with competitive tennis, e.g. internal club ladders, leagues and tournaments.
This player has a full arsenal of shots and knows when to play them in order to dictate points. He/she can regularly hit winners and force errors off short balls. They can put away volleys and smashes and can mix up serves to keep their opponent on the back foot. They are comfortable competing and would expect to represent their club's second team or lower.
This player has had high level training and is familiar with club, county and national competition. They have a full arsenal of shots, can implement varying strategies and styles of play to gain competitive advantages and can use varying levels of power and spin to dictate play. Would expect to represent their club's first team.

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